Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival

This coming weekend my oldest son and I will be headed to the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival! Wizards Unite is a fun Harry Potter mobile game, from the makers of Pokemon Go if you remember the craze surrounding that. People from all around the world are going to be coming to White River State Park in Indianapolis this weekend to the festival, including us! There's going to be themed lounges, unique game items and experiences, stuff to buy, food trucks, all kinds of cool game-related content and fun. We'll also be the first people to experience...DRAGONS! (In the game, not in real life - as cool as that would be! Haha.)

We're about two hours or so away from Indianapolis so we'll be taking off early in the morning and heading home later that evening. We'll be documenting the adventure for a video and probably going live through Facebook or Instagram at some point in time during the day. Make sure you're following us so you can tune in to see - you can like our page on Facebook HERE or follow us on Instagram HERE.

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