Homeschool Curriculum: 2019-2020

We started our homeschool year just about two weeks ago. This year at Addison Academy we have 8th grade, 5th grade, 1st grade, and preschool. The majority of our curriculum is from Abeka again but we've switched from using the dining room as our main classroom to our basement instead. My laundry is down there as well as the majority of the kids toys so we're hoping that will prove to be helpful. We got a large table at Walmart, some chairs at a local "junk store," and moved all the homeschool stuff down the week before we started. It's been working out pretty well - minus a few days that we've stayed upstairs because I wasn't feeling so great.

Zeke is in 8th grade and his subjects are:
- Science: Earth and Space
- Grammar and Composition
- Vocabulary/Spelling/Poetry
- Pre-Algebra
- Literature: Of Places
- History: America - Land I Love and Geography Studies
- Civics

Ellie is in 5th grade and and her subjects are:
- Old World History and Geography
- Science: Investigating God's World
- Reading
- Grammar & Composition
- Spelling/Vocabulary (I'm leaving out the Poetry section from Spelling/Vocabulary because there's quite a bit of it in the Reading.)
- Math (We're using Abeka for all of the above subjects but for Math she's using Teaching Textbooks.)

Zac is in 1st grade and he's using a First Grade Workbook from School Zone, the "I See Sam" phonics books from Academic Success for All Learners, and some first grade textbooks from Pearson/Scott Foresman I got a few years ago.

And lastly, we have 3 littles doing preschool. I'm not doing anything formal with them - it's mostly just if they want to sit with us and do work they can, otherwise they play on the other side of the room. They have a bunch of assorted coloring books and workbooks from the dollar store. They're also using Confessions of a Homeschooler's K4/K5 Kindergarten curriculum.

We're participating in our homeschool co-op group again as well (it starts next month) and the kids can't wait for it to start so they can see their friends more often!

Fall Semester:
I'm teaching Creative Writing for middle schoolers. Hannah is in the Toddlers Class. Betsy and Hezzy are each in a different Pre-K class. Zac is taking Fun With Phonics, Seasons, and Farm Unit Study. Ellie is taking Martial Arts, Sign Language, and The Great Outdoors. Zeke is taking Back in Time, Multicultural Cooking, and Theater.

Spring Semester:
To Be Added Later

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