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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any other way.

When I was a preteen girl, there was no social media. No one was sending me Snaps or tagging me on Instagram. None of my preteen antics are forever preserved on Twitter or Facebook. If I was using the internet at home, it was dial-up and no one could use the phone. Oh yeah, the landline phone. 😮 Caller ID was just starting to come into the picture and smartphones weren't a thing yet. It doesn't seem that long ago to me but I suppose it probably seems like Ancient History to my children.

My children are growing up in a world that is different from the one I grew up in. Consequently, I'm always looking for tools to help me parent in a world that is ever changing. There are so many things that preteens face these days that I never had to face. I want my children to grow into strong, capable people that never doubt that they are worthy and valuable.

I recently signed up to review the book I Am Brave from Tommy Nelson through FrontGate Media. This book is geared towards younger preteen-aged girls (approximately 8 - 12) and covers lots of relevant topics like body image, social media, friendships, self worth, and peer pressure. It's written in a very easy to read and relatable manner.

The beginning starts out by showing several different girls - Hope, Glory, Faith, Gracie, and Honor - and talks about their likes/dislikes, their families, things they're good at, things they struggle with, etc. These girls are in a youth group together and are featured in different spots throughout the book. In addition to devotions covering a multitude of topics, the book also has journaling prompts, puzzles, question & answer sections, and drawing space. I liked how it gave direction but also left stuff open-ended enough for girls to share their thoughts and feelings.

My daughter (age 10) honestly has been devouring it - she asked if I'd read it with her a little bit each day and help her with some of the activities. It's started some nice discussions and honestly couldn't have come at a better time. When I asked her if she had anything to add she said it was a good book for growing girls and that she was really enjoying it.

If you're interested in purchasing the book or reading more about it, you can do that HERE. Or if you'd like to try and win a *free* copy, just go HERE and sign up!

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