Guest Post: 5 Apps to Save New Parents Money, Time, and Sanity

Ready for some good news? Your smartphone is one of the most budget-friendly parenting tools around. Forget buying baby book after baby book — with just a few apps, you can track your baby’s health and get help with everyday parenting tasks like engaging your baby’s growing brain and remembering what the heck you put on the grocery list. It’s a great way to make being a mom or dad sooo much easier!

Grab Your Tools!

Of course, before you can access the best parenting apps, you need a smartphone or tablet that’s up to managing the latest apps. Thankfully, you don’t necessarily have to pay full price if you’re in need of an upgrade. Check out places like Groupon, and amp up your savings with Groupon coupon codes

And while you’re at it, look for deals on a portable charger. This is an affordable but easily forgotten diaper bag essential—and it’s a total lifesaver when you realize you never plugged your phone back in after last night’s nursing session!

5 Must-Have Apps for First-Time Parents

Glow Baby

Glow Baby is the must-have app for first-time parents. With tools that let you track everything from your baby’s eating and sleeping schedules to symptoms when your baby comes down with a bug, as Brit + Co says, this is one app that both you and your pediatrician will be glad you have.

Milk Maid

While Glow Baby has some breastfeeding features, it’s not enough for working moms who need to keep track of their breastmilk stash. Remembering how much milk you have at home, daycare, and Grandma’s house isn’t easy when you’re sleep deprived with a million other things on your mind, but the Milk Maid app simplifies this complicated task by letting you track your milk stash across multiple locations.

Cozi Family Organizer

It’s hard to imagine just how real “mom brain” truly is until you’re standing in the middle of the grocery store realizing you don’t know why you’re there. Instead of beating yourself about it, download the Cozi Family Organizer app to show brain fog who’s boss. 

With this app, you can share shopping and to-lists across the whole family, get reminders of upcoming appointments, and save recipe cards for quick and easy meals so you eat something other than chips and coffee.

Mommy Saver

Your baby’s eyes are still developing as a newborn, but they can see more than you realize! At this stage, high-contrast images are a great source of stimulation for your baby’s eyes and brain, and that’s just what the Mommy Saver app delivers. In addition to moving shapes and colors, this app plays classical music to keep your newborn mesmerized.

The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memories

Apps aren’t just for aiding your baby’s health and development. They’re also great for sharing all your precious moments with friends and family without the hassle of a dozen group texts. Built by the makers of The Wonder Weeks, the Milestone Memories app lets parents upload pictures and document their baby’s milestones, then share them privately.

While not all of these apps are free, they’re much cheaper than racking up bills at your pediatrician’s office, and they will make life so much easier in so many ways. Plus, being able to see your baby’s data and development at a glance is just plain fun! Whether you want help tracking your baby’s health or just want a private way to share baby photos, these apps are the budget-friendly solution you need in your pocket.

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  1. This is Meg from mymomsanerd. Thanks for linking to my article! I used to feel that screen time was bad for babies, but now I've come to the realization that it is okay in moderation! If my daughter spends a few minutes a day looking at the screen and having fun, she will be fine. If I just gave her my phone all day to keep her quiet, then that's no good.


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