Ten Ways to Help Others

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The world is pretty crazy right now. With families all over the country being confined to their homes, out of school or work, having to work from home, or limited to the activities they can do, there's a lot of uncertainty - and with that comes anxiousness, frustration, and boredom. To try and help a little bit, I'm going to be posting a Top Ten List each day for the next five days with things for families to do, ways to relax, or other helpful tips.

Today's post is all about helping others! It's hard being stuck at home - especially if you've got kids, are older and alone, are an extroverted person, etc. But it's also hard having to continue to go to work and to put yourself in harm's way like many of our doctors, medical staff, grocery workers, food service workers, and countless others are doing daily. So let's take a look at some things we can do (from our own homes!) to help out some of those people who are in need or who are doing hard things daily:

10. Check on your friends, family, and neighbors - Have you checked in with the elderly in your neighborhood? What about your aunt that is a nurse at the local hospital? Your cousin that works at the grocery store? Your friend that is a single mom? Call, text, email, or video chat to see how your friends, family, and neighbors are doing. A healthcare worker that's putting in extra time at work may need a dog walked, an elderly neighbor could use groceries...there's lots of possibilities.

9. Order delivery/carry out and TIP generously - Many restaurants across the country have been forced to close their dine-in options. This is understandable of course, but puts a lot of stress on them. One way we can help to support them is to order delivery or carry-out food and then tip them generously for their services.

8. Buy gift cards or certificates from local businesses to help them keep their doors open - Another option for local restaurants and other businesses is to consider ordering gift certificates for them. Not only will that help them monetarily but you'll also have an outing already planned for when restrictions and the like are lifted in the future.

7. Send a card/note - Nursing homes around the country have been closed to visitors. Why not take some time to fill out some cards or even a handwritten note to drop off for the local residents? Up until just recently ours were accepting drop off deliveries at the door - I think now they may have to be mailed. This is also a great idea for elderly neighbors or family members you can't visit right now - drop them in the mail or make a short car trip to drop off at their door. (Just remember to let them know they have mail waiting!)

6. Make up a care package or meal to drop off  - If you're able to, consider making a meal, healthy snack, or a care package of some kind for neighbors or friends. Let them know you'll be coming by or ask when is a good time and then ding, dong, ditch! (Only in a good way, not a mean way!) Another idea: a friend of mine on Facebook organized a large group of people to make food (separately, at their own homes) and then collected it all & delivered to the local hospital!

5. Order or pick up groceries for someone else - All across the country people are staying at home and trying to avoid going out for anything unless absolutely necessary. However, life still goes on and people still need groceries, household supplies, etc. So if you're healthy and going out, call someone you know who may be more at risk or unable to venture out and see what you can pick up for them. Or if you're in a part of the country that offers delivery, utilize that service.

4. Use your skills to help your community - Check local community groups and see what people in your area are in need of and how you can help them. (This will obviously vary, depending on where you are.) Local to us I've seen nursing homes asking for people who sew to make cloth masks, parents asking for homework help/educational resources, and people working together to make meals for our local healthcare workers.

3, 2, and 1. Give/Donate/Volunteer - Check in with local food pantries, community centers, group homes, nursing homes, etc. to see what they’re in need of. And of course, donations of money are always good if you're unable to collect things for them. Some places to consider: Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, homeless shelters, and the Red Cross. If you’re healthy and able, consider donating blood or volunteering with one of those organizations or a local non-profit that needs volunteers. Obviously this is another one that will depend on your personal health, your state/community guidelines, etc. Please follow all rules and use your best judgement on keeping yourself safe.

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