Top Ten Easy Arts and Crafts

The world is pretty crazy right now. With families all over the country being confined to their homes, out of school or work, having to work from home, or limited to the activities they can do, there's a lot of uncertainty - and with that comes anxiousness, frustration, and boredom. To try and help a little bit, I'm going to be posting a Top Ten List each day for the next five days with things for families to do, ways to relax, or other helpful tips.

*And also I just want to reiterate that if all you're doing right now is focusing on spending some time together just hanging out, watching movies or vegging out, that's totally okay. Every family needs to do what's right for them and sometimes that means taking it easy for a little bit! You shouldn't feel pressured to be filling every single moment of your kids time with education and enrichment.

Today's post is all about arts and crafts! Most of these are geared towards kids but honestly anyone could do them. Enjoy!

10. Collage Making - Need to get rid of some old magazines or newspapers? Making collages is a simple way for kids to use them up and to practice their creativity - all you need is something for them to make the collage on, scissors, tape or glue, and you're good to go! You can give them a theme/idea or just let them go wild.

9. Painting - I know, I know...paint is so messy! And you're not wrong. But kids love it so much. The particular blog post I linked is from Projects with Kids and it has SO many different good ideas for a variety of different ages - watercolor painting, q-tip painting for little ones, different styles, etc. If the weather cooperates, take your painting outside to avoid a mess in the house. Otherwise, I'd just advise lots of old newspapers and some old clothes/over-sized t-shirts.

8. Paper chains - Paper chains are *super* easy and they'll brighten up your house. This wikiHow shows multiple different ways to make them, as well as a paper doll chain.

7. 3 Ingredient Play Dough - This play dough just takes a few ingredients, doesn't take a huge amount of time to make, and you could easily mix up different colors and textures by adding glitter, googly eyes, sequins, buttons, beads, beans, marbles, pom poms, etc. (Just watch out for the little people if you're adding tiny things to it.)

6. Microwave Puffy Paint - This is another activity that could be a bit messy but I think with a little planning ahead, you could really have fun. The kids will love seeing the paint "puff" in the microwave. Plus, when you take it out - it's completely dry and ready to be shown off! It's nice to not have to wait for your creation to dry.

5. Train Tracks/Roads - I don't think mine would be quite as elaborate as the one in this example but I say if you want to, go for it! It can be as simple or fancy as you want. Either way, your kids will love driving their toy trains and cars through homemade tracks or roads.

4. Homemade Bird Feeders - Kids will love collecting the materials for a bird feeder project and there's a ton of different ones to choose from on this post from Happy Hooligans. And don't worry if you don't have bird seed, many of them do use cereal.

3. Cardboard Box Monsters - Another great idea that reuses stuff you'd have to get rid of somehow anyway. In this particular example from The Best Ideas for Kids they use tissue boxes but honestly I think you could use any kind of cardboard box. This is another super creative idea!

2. Coffee Filter Butterflies - These are the cutest little crafts and super simple. I don't have pipe cleaners on hand like Crafts by Amanda used so we'll have to improvise but hey, that's okay.

1. Paper Weaving - Babble Dabble Do put together this neat little tutorial on how to do paper weaving - it requires a little planning but is a great way to use old magazines or newspapers and teaches kids this cool technique.

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