Top Ten Life Skills to Learn

The world is pretty crazy right now. With families all over the country being confined to their homes, out of school or work, having to work from home, or limited to the activities they can do, there's a lot of uncertainty - and with that comes anxiousness, frustration, and boredom. To try and help a little bit, I'm going to be posting a Top Ten List each day for the next five days with things for families to do, ways to relax, or other helpful tips.

Today's post is all about life skills! Obviously I geared this post towards teaching your kids while you've got some time together but maybe if you've got some time off or the ability to, there may be some you'd like to work on as well.

*And also I just want to reiterate that if all you're doing right now is focusing on spending some time together just hanging out, watching movies or vegging out, that's totally okay. Every family needs to do what's right for them and sometimes that means taking it easy for a little bit! You shouldn't feel pressured to be filling every single moment of your kids time with education and enrichment.

10. Money Skills

9. Organizational Skills

8. Navigational Skills

7. Communication/Behavior Skills

6. Safety Skills

5. Gardening Skills

4. First Aid Skills

3. Grooming/Clothing Skills

2. Social Skills/Manners

1. Cooking/Baking

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