Being Pregnant Amidst Uncertainty

March 16th, 2020: I started writing this post when I was 38 weeks but then had some things come now on my due date I'm finally finishing it. I’m walking around like an elderly elephant. During Week 38 I had some sort of flu-like illness (not the virus!) and I can say I never ever want to give birth while sick. I started having contractions while also puking my guts up and I'd like to never experience that again. I spent a whole day in bed but am recovered now and just trying to avoid any other illnesses. 

My emotions are a little crazy right now. I’ve reached the point where I’d like to hole up and hide from everyone but alas, life doesn’t stop. So instead I will answer the same 700 questions every time I go out in public and try not to go into a hormone filled rage: No, it's not twins. No, baby isn’t “too big.” Yes, I know I look like I could give birth at any moment.  It's a little ironic that I wrote all of that and that we're now all being told to stay home if we can. Not a problem for me! I'm kidding around a little but I don't say that to make light of other people's situations. I know this is a frustrating time for many, I'm just trying to share a little humor. Believe me, all this craziness makes me nervous too. It's frightening to go to a checkup and see all these restrictions being enacted and special policies put in place.

If my pregnancy app doesn’t stop popping up saying, “IS YOUR BABY HERE YET?” I’m going to chuck my phone across the room. 😂 Kidding of course, but Baby Center needs to take a chill pill. It's been saying that since Week 35 or something. Babies are like wizards: “they are never late, nor are they early. They arrive precisely when they mean to." 🧙‍♂️ 

I am so, so looking forward to holding a newborn baby, being able to walk again, being able to see my feet again, not making grunting noises when I stand up, not feeling like a beached whale....I suppose you could say I may be just a *wee* bit OVER my pregnancy at this time. We don't really have anything else to do now other than wait. The bassinet is assembled, birth kit is in order, clothes and blankets are washed and put away, food is stocked up...and now we wait.

March 23, 2020: 41 Weeks. I'm not surprised I'm here again. Almost every pregnancy of mine has been overdue. It's weird because as much as I want her to get here, I'm also worried about what happens when she DOES get here. Things are getting nuts with this virus and at least when she's in the womb I know she's okay there.

April 3rd, 2020: Our sweet baby has been here with us for one full week! The world has gotten pretty crazy in the last few weeks and I am so glad her birth went well. The next post I write will be her birth story - I'm working on it - but I just wanted to share something kind of cool I got to do just this past week. Our local news station WTHI recently interviewed me about homebirth, being a doula, and being pregnant during this pandemic. It was a neat experience. You can check it out at the link below:

The only things I would add would be that:
  • This was not my first homebirth. I've had several. I didn't choose homebirth because of the corona virus. I am definitely happy that I chose homebirth because of it NOW but it wasn't one of my initial reasons.
  • Homebirth in our area is offered by midwives. Your OB-GYN may or may not be familiar with the choices in your area so you may have to find out about them other channels - different providers, motherhood related groups, online, etc.
  • Many doulas are offering virtual support options now so you don't have to "choose" between them or your partner. And regardless, they would love to help you navigate your pregnancy and childbirth. You can find more information about doulas through Doula Match, DONA International, or New Beginnings Doula Training.

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