A Belated Back to School Post

We've been homeschooling since August but I just recently realized that I forgot to write about our curriculum plans for this year! *headdesk* So here's a little overview of what we're doing this year.

Last year we had set up homeschool in the basement with a nice big table and space for the kids to spread out. This year due to the new baby and the need for outlets for our computers, we opted to just utilize our dining room area for the time being.

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This is Zeke's first year of High School - he's in Ninth Grade now! Ellie is in Sixth Grade this year and they are both using Monarch online curriculum from Alpha Omega. They each have four classes. Zeke has World Geography, Language Arts, General Science, and Math, while Ellie has History and Geography, Language Arts, Science, and Math. I also bought them Handwriting books to continue working on and they will have Reading to go along with their Language Arts assignments.

Zac is Second Grade this year and Hezzy is in Kindergarten and they are using curriculum from Christian Light Education. Zac was struggling a bit towards the end of last year so we're making sure he's confident in the first grade curriculum before moving on to second. He's flying through Learning to Read and moving on to Reading & Language Arts as well as doing Science, Social Studies, and Math. I am tentatively planning on moving him up to second around Christmas - the beginning of next year. Hezzy is currently working through Kindergarten 2 and will probably move on to First Grade when Zac moves up. They also are both working on a Handwriting book I bought them.

I had intended on doing a Preschool program with the two little girls (ages 3 and 4) but with the new baby and the bigger kids taking up the majority of my time, I didn't get around to it - but that's okay. They've been enjoying coloring, drawing, eating snacks, making crafts...and most of the time making messes too!

We had been planning on attending co-op this year (it ended early last year due to Covid) but with Zeke only having one class and Covid still raging on and a new baby...it just seemed best for us to sit it out this time. We definitely miss classes and friends but are hopeful that maybe we'll be back next year.

My friend just recently started taking photos and got some great back to school shots of the kids - I'll share them tomorrow!

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