#hssw2020 - Crazy Hair Day!

We're still celebrating Homeschool Spirit Week! You can look back at our posts from Monday and Tuesday to see the other days we've done so far but we did skip yesterday. It was Decade Day and we just didn't have enough cool stuff to wear to make it work. But today - Crazy Hair Day - we could definitely do! Hezzy initially wanted spiked up hair but then changed his mind and said he just wanted it combed nicely, "like Dad." Zac went for the messy-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-need-a-haircut look. Zeke wanted me to use the rest of his green hairspray from last Halloween but unfortunately it ran out part of the way through so he ended up having what looks like an arrow on his head. (I thought it was hilarious, he was less amused...) Ellie used every bow and headband she could find and Betsy just wanted a single bow! Check back tomorrow for the last day!

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