#hssw2020 - Fandom Day

Today marks the start of International Homeschool Spirit Week! We've participated in this for quite a few years. I explained to the kids that Spirit Week when I was growing up was always a fun week at school where we got to dress up according to different themes that usually led up to Homecoming or something special like that. The kids always have seem to have a fun time with it and I think we could especially use it this year with all the craziness that has gone on! Today was fandom day and so they (and I) picked costumes and outfits based on our favorite superheroes and shows - I apologize for the blurriness of the photos...I won a tripod ring light with a remote but I'm still figuring out how to work it! (Teenager not shown in this photo as he's too cool to be in it...sigh...)

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