It Always Happens All At Once

Being a mom is not for the faint of heart, especially when you have multiple small kiddos. I've written before about Murphy's Law for Big Families (everything that can happen, will happen...generally at the same time) and the other day provided another perfect example of just how insane my life gets sometimes. While on the phone with my husband, these things all happened within seconds of each other:

- My one year old pooped and voiced her opinion on it. Loudly. She's also at that fun stage right now where changing her is like changing an octopus - she's trying to stick her hands in the diaper, then flailing all over the place, attempting to roundhouse kick me in the get the idea.

- Someone spilled Kool-Aid in the dining room and I walked right into it on my way to change the baby's diaper. And of course it's red. (You'd think I'd stop buying RED anything by now.)

- As soon as I got the smelly diaper open, the four year old (Zac) popped open a blister on his foot after he hit it on the edge of the couch. He started screaming. And we are talking full-out-banshee-witch-someone-is-being-murdered-in-the-next-room screaming. My darling Zac is his own unique person. He has two volumes: INSANELY LOUD and...asleep.

- My oldest son started yelling, "MOM, WE NEED YOU! ZAC'S BLEEDING!" And in his defense, Zac was bleeding pretty profusely. (He bleeds more than all of my kids and myself combined. Don't ask how I know this...hint: this is not our first bloody injury with him.)

- While Zac was screaming and I was wrist deep in poop, the super busy two year old (Hezzy) snuck into the bathroom - because someone left the door open - and unraveled an entire container of floss that was on the counter from our dentist visit yesterday. He can reach stuff on counters now, FYI.

- I was able to get the diaper changed in record time while Zeke started cleaning up Zac's foot and Ellie picked up the floss with Hezzy. I then got Zac successfully bandaged up. It was an A+ Team Effort on our part! Go Team Addison!

- But to finish it all up, the baby escaped & crawled through the spilled Kool-Aid. #FAIL

Moral of the story: don't talk on the phone.

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