Curriculum Choices: 2017 - 2018 & 2018 - 2019

As I began delving into planning for the upcoming school year, I realized that I never wrote about our curriculum choices LAST year! Ooops. Well, I can say that last year was a learning experience. We moved, had a new baby, had a lot of stress, and our world was kind of upside down for awhile.

This past year Zeke was in 6th grade, Ellie was in 3rd grade, and Zac was in Pre-K. We used Genesis Curriculum as our main curriculum. Zeke used the workbook and Ellie used the copywork book along with the main curriculum book. Zac used GC Steps for the bulk of his work. Ellie used Singapore Math and Zeke continued to use Khan Academy. We continued using Story of the World for our History curriculum. I also supplemented our work with various unit studies.

The kids participated in our homeschool co-op group last year. First semester Ellie took Science/Ecology, Thanksgiving/Christmas, and Bible Trivia/Scripture Memory while Zeke took Creation Science, Geography Games, and Beginning Photography. Second semester Ellie took Health/P.E., Grammar Games, and Living Long Ago (a history course), and Zeke took a Literature Class on From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, Science, and Photography. The littles were in classes too - Betsy and Hannah were in the Infant Nursery, Hezzy was in the Toddler Nursery, and Zac was in the Pre-K class. Zeke got to help with the yearbook and they all enjoyed their classes and spending time with friends.

Looking ahead to this coming year (2018 - 2019) we are changing things up quite a bit. In the past, I have pieced together curriculum, mixed and matched, and tried a lot of techniques, mainly in an effort to homeschool affordably and combine subjects. This has worked well in some areas but we need some more structure in our household and some more comprehensive work to catch up on things we're lagging on. So this year we made the decision to switch to Abeka.

For this year Zeke will be in 7th grade and will be using Abeka's 7th grade curriculum. It includes: Literature, Grammar and Composition, Vocabulary, Spelling, and Poetry; Math, Life Science, and World History.

Ellie will be in 4th grade and will be using Abeka's 4th grade curriculum. This includes: Reading, Grammar and Comprehension, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Poetry; Penmanship, Math, Science/Health, and History. Ellie will also continue to use Reading Eggs as it is one of her most favorite programs.

Zac will be entering Kindergarten and will be using Confession's of a Homeschooler's K4/K5 Kindergarten Curriculum. He is super excited to learn and has shown a real desire to learn to read.

Zeke and Ellie have both been using Victory Drill Books that I purchased from a tutor we utilized this summer. Zac will start using one this year as well.

We'll be starting sometime in August on a 5 day a week school schedule until co-op starts and then will switch to 4 days a week. At co-op this year in the fall semester, Hannah will be in the Infant Nursery again, Betsy will be moving up to the Toddler Nursery, Hezzy will be moving to the Pre-K class, and Zac will be taking Building Science Foundations, Animals, and Nature Crafts. Ellie will be in Legos, Chess, and Music Theory & Appreciation while Zeke will be in Astronomy, Photography, and Art. I taught Ellie's LEGO class and worked in the nursery. I'll update this post in the spring with their spring classes.

Update: For Spring Semester, the three littlest stayed in the same classes. Zac took Famous Americans, Aquatics, and Transportation. Ellie took Spanish, Sewing, and Life Skills. Zeke took Debate Club, Bibliovores, and Music Theory. I taught Zac's Transportation class and Zeke's Bibliovores class.

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