My Molar Pregnancy - Parts 1 & 2

Back in May I mentioned that I'd gone through a miscarriage and molar pregnancy. I finally got around to uploading some videos earlier this month that went into more detail about everything that happened. Because there was so much information, I split them into two separate videos:

- Molar Pregnancy from the March of Dimes: This is a very basic overview of molar pregnancy.
- What is Gestational Trophoblastic Disease? from the American Cancer Society: This is a more in-depth look at the types of molar pregnancies with a lot more information and facts, as well as cancer support
- Molar Pregnancy from The Miscarriage Association: Information on molar pregnancy as well as emotional support and general information about miscarriages
- My Molar Pregnancy - This whole site is dedicated to information, education, and resources. They also offer personal stories and support groups through Facebook.
- Dealing with grief after the death of your baby from the March of Dimes
- Loss & Grief in Pregnancy and Postpartum from PSI (Postpartum Support International)

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  1. Hi Shay,

    You have a nice and beautiful family. I'm sending good wishes to you and your sweet family.

    Molar pregnancy is the abnormal form of pregnancy, and the chances of a healthy baby are very rare.

    You know health is precious, without any doubt. We all need to focus on health because there is nothing in the world that can get you back good health.

    I'm a father of two, and I always guide my family on the importance of good health. I eat organic food, and I believe that if your diet plan consists of natural food, then there would be fewer chances of getting ill.

    I use pure moringa powder in breakfast. Moringa is a great organic food with a lot of great health benefits. It's perfect for increasing breast milk production but keep in mind its not good to use moringa during pregnancy.

    Initially, my kids didn't like to eat moringa, but then I start using this great food in front of them so that they can follow me. And till now I'm successful.

    I am sending good, healthy vibes your way.

    1. I know you're just a spammer but just in case there's an actual person behind that comment somewhere, this is an incredibly insensitive comment. To imply that if I would have just eaten better that my baby would have lived is hurtful, rude, and downright untrue. If you'd looked at ANY of the links I shared you'd see that molar pregnancy is caused by a chromosomal issue during conception. So nothing I could have done would have helped or prevented it. And if you'd actually watched the videos you'd see that I went into great detail about my mental health struggles following the loss of my baby. So if you're all about good healthy vibes don't peddle your magic powder as a cure to miscarriage. THANKS!

      Also, a little light reading for you:


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